Monday, February 13, 2006

Freedom of Speech against Freedom of Religion

I got the below email from my Muslim friends in Morocco. I couldn’t share any suggestion with them since I am still wondering about the recent negative event which has created a deep conflict between Muslim society and others by using modern concept of free speech in favor of freedom of religion. Although these rights are human rights none of them have been recognized as absolute rights. However, lawyers can establish hierarchy among them by using legal principles.

Nevertheless, my confusion is still remain about two main issues: the double standard of the Western mass media about Islam and the radical reaction of some Muslims against the cartoons. We can see how these radical reactions can be used against Islam itself. It's obvious that they can show their religious feeling which has been damaged by the cartoons but just through the peaceful initiatives like this one:

Following the crisis created by the provocative drawings of our beloved prophet, we thought that it would be fruitful to start a petition against the newspaper and all the entities that support this criminal act and spread it through the net. Its simple, if you agree with us, add your name to this petition and send it to your list of contacts. If you have any other suggestions that would help us make a difference, let us know..Let us make the world understand our point of view peacfuly..slowly..but surely..


At Tuesday, February 14, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sahar, is that you?:))As you probably figured out it's Ruslan from Moldova. I checked my old e-mails and I found the link thatyou had sent to me before. Also, I am very much concerned about ...things going in Iran and as I got to know some of your ..interesting ideas I wonder how are you now.

At Wednesday, February 15, 2006, Blogger Poorandokht said...

I invite you to have a look at the pictures being drawn by a creative Iranian artist as an admirable, peaceful way of showing objection to the cartoons.(Location: in front of the Danish embassy in Teheran, Iran)


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