Friday, March 18, 2005


Norooz ( 20 of March )is the Iranian new year festival. The worditself literally means "new day" in Persian language and the festivalmarks the beginning of the solar year as well as the new year on theIranian and several other national calendars. Norooz is the mostimportant celebration for many nations including Iranians, Kurds, Azeri,Turks, Tajiks. For thousands of years, Norooz was rotating. The Zoroastrian religiouscalendar, used before Islam in Persia (Iran), consisted of 12 monthswith 30 days each, making 360 days, plus a "stolen five" days thatwas held at the end of each year, adding up to 365 days.At its core, the Norooz festival celebrates the awakening of thenatural life. This awakening symbolizes the triumph of good, winningagainst the evil forces of darkness that are represented by the Winter.I as an Iranian want to wish a new year full of health, love and peacefor my Iranians, Kurds, Azeri, Turks, Tajiks,.. friends .


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