Monday, March 07, 2005

Europe For Me

Europe for me as an Asian, means 21 percent of population of the earth if we reduce the population to a small town with 100 people and keep the proportions.

Europe for me as a person, who lives in a developing country, means a set of development countries where is no fear from unemployment. There is no fear from poverty. There is no fear from hunger.

Europe for me as a person, who lives in a transitional society, means a modern society.

Europe for me as a young person, means happy management . This concept simply means right to be happy and it determines the state's duty to provide a situation that young people can be happy.

Europe for me as a women, means gender equality. The role of women in decision making shows a strong influence of the feminist movement on the traditional male dominance but still women are suffering by domestic violence, sex discrimination at work place, educational place and intellectual violence in the society. In this aspect for me as a person who have learned respect her body, Europe is a place that women through the culture, media and society encourage to look at their bodied as instruments to reach better social situations. The young generation of the European women are following the Hollywood stereotypes. Europe also for me means legalization of prostitution and pornography but there is still much discrimination against women who are working in this field.

Europe for me as a believer, who is not radical or fundamental in religion, means anti- Islam movement. Islam for many of the Europeans is synonym with terrorist, fundamentalist.

Europe for me as a NGOs activist, means development the history of civil society in Italy and France. Europe is a place for an active civil society as one of the most important social partners.

Europe for me as a human rights activist, means eighteen and nineteen century movement of human rights. I recall MAGNA CARTA in England (1215) and the Declaration of the rights of Man and the Citizen in France (1789). I recall Social Contract (John Locke), the Rights of Man (Thomas Pain), Human Rights and Human Dignity (Emmanuel Kant). Europe for me also means Romma Rights and how Romma people are challenging with their primary rights. I recall even freedom of religion and how France is limiting this right. I remember ethnic wars such as Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia and Montenegro. I remember former Yugoslavia.

Europe for me means 46 members of the Council of Europe. They are countries with different levels of development. Europe for me means Strasbourg. Europe for me means European Union.

Europe for me means not only western Europe but also Eastern European countries. It also means small European countries and poor countries such as Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Europe for me means green, where sky is merciful with the earth, where people love sunny days, where people hate raining days. Europe for me means forest and river.

Europe for me means a continent with a great penitential to role-play in the global peace.


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