Tuesday, March 15, 2005

May I Ask ?

Fear , fear and fear is the main production of west mass media after 11 September. In this frame work there are some questions without any respond. Let’s assume different situations on US policy against Iran on unclear capability and talk about theses questions:
1- Assume that Iran is developing nuclear weapons so the basic question are as fellows:
1-1-Why Pakistan has already nuclear weapons and US is admiring this country ?
1-2-Why Israel has already nuclear weapons and US is a close friend of it?
1-3-Why North Korea has already developing nuclear weapons as protection against
an increasingly hostile United States and US is just has a silent policy against it?
2- Assume that Iran is developing nuclear weapons and US attacks Iran:
2-1- What will happen for Iranian reforms progress? What will happen for local human rights discurse ? http://www.nytimes.com/2005/02/08/opinion/08Ebadi.html?
2-2- What will be the reaction of Iranian society against US attack ? keep in mind that Iran is not like Iraq .Iranians have fought for 8 years with Iraq with these two important facts that first Iranians are not a nation of war and the second is US was supporting Iraq against Iran. There is no doubt that even if Iranians hates mullahs they wouldn’t allow forging enemies to control their country. There fore the attack of US would be a start point of a dark war a conflict in whole region.
3- Assume that Iran is developing nuclear weapons, what would be the usage of this ability for the Islamic government?
3-1-Attacking Israel ? Europe ? or US ? Here the main question is with which legitimacy and with which support the Islamic government is going to do it? And for what ? Any kind of armed conflict needs nation support. As Iranian history shows Iranians are not interested in any kind of wars expect they have to or force to fight for protection of their country. More over, Iranians like more dialogue and friendship with other nations. They are so friendly without any interest in conflict and war. Besides, Islamic government is not like the Taliban as a terrorist group who was controlling Afghanistan , a country of local war during recent 100 years. Iran is a country with more than 7000 years history and Islamic government, according international public law's principles is a legitimate state of it. I would like to add here that during recent years the Islamic government is started to accept this reality that people want more freedom and democracy. Iran today is not Iran in 10 years ago. Believe me or not every thing is changed in my country. We as Iranian reformists have our local dialogue with the Islamic government which is focusing on democracy, respect to human rights , rule of law and modern interpretation of Islamic prienciples.
4- Assume that Iran is developing nuclear capability just for use as energy “Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi, New York, September 23, 2004, http://www.charlierose.com/archives/archive.shtm
4-1- What would be the cost of these negative advertisements against Iran and Iranian society? Have you ever thought that every day how much Iranians are paying for this unequal approach of supreme power US against them? Please think about them. Think about economic sanctions. Think about the difficulties of gaining foreign investment in Iran or international approach to Iranians around the world…
I just like many Iranians know that how US intervention was the cause of conflict and dictatorship in my country. I recall last interview of Bill Clinton with U.S. journalist Charlie Rose during this year's World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland . He said that “Iran's a whole different kettle of fish—but it's a sad story that really began in the 1950s when the United States deposed Mr. Mossadegh, who was an elected parliamentary democrat, and brought the Shah back in—[comments in background—Rose says "CIA"] and then he was overturned by the Ayatollah Khomeini, driving us into the arms of one Saddam Hussein. Most of the terrible things Saddam Hussein did in the 1980s he did with the full, knowing support of the United States government, because he was in Iran, and Iran was what it was because we got rid of the parliamentary democracy back in the '50s; at least, that is my belief.I know it is not popular for an American ever to say anything like this, but I think it's true [applause], and I apologized when President Khatami was elected. I publicly acknowledged that the United States had actively overthrown Mossadegh and I apologized for it, and I hope that we could have some rapprochement with Iran. I think basically the Europeans' initiative to Iran to try to figure out a way to defuse the nuclear crisis is a good one…. And he added : “But Iran is the most perplexing problem ... we face, for the following reasons: It is the only country in the world with two governments, and the only country in the world that has now had six elections since the first election of President Khatami. [It is] the only one with elections, including the United States, including Israel, including you name it, where the liberals, or the progressives, have won two-thirds to 70 percent of the vote in six elections: two for President; two for the parliament, the Majlis; two for the may oralities. In every single election, the guys I identify with got two-thirds to 70% of the vote. There is no other country in the world I can say that about, certainly not my own.” Read more in http://youngdems.meetup.com/18/boards/view/viewthread?thread=1216181
My belief is some policy makers in US does not want the deep and rooted reforms in the Middle- East. They more like a fundamental regime like Saudi Arabia or a dictatorship one like Pakistan to say yes to the free exercise of Americans' power in the world.


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