Sunday, October 30, 2005

Democratic Society

Years ago, I was thinking that my country requirements reach political reforms to establish a good society (democratic society). I was thinking a reformist president can transform Iranian society to a modern society where subjects are citizens, where citizens are feeling public ownership, where citizen's public ownership can motivate them to involve with their own society.

Some years later, I thought poverty as main obstacle is interfering citizen right to participation so economical modernity can establish a democratic society in my country.

After that, I learned about cultural modernity and how civic culture can be an efficient feature in citizenship building process. I though improvement civic culture of Iranians can inspire them to participate .

Now, I really have lost my theories. I just know Iran is not a simple case for implementation of different presumptions. Assumptions can have an unusual outcome here. Thus I'm wondering about a competent approach to construct a good society in Iran.


At Monday, October 31, 2005, Anonymous Sasan said...


Even in a democratic society people with numerous associations cannot be restrained within the limits of order and justice, except by physical and moral forces wielded over them by authorities independent of their will. That’s what keep developed nation in tact. It has been based on two grounds.
First, it is an individual choice to hold to their duties by dependence on their own will and an innate sense of justice (moral ground).
Second, he could be restrained from wrong, and protected in right, by moderate powers, which are applied to protect the very society (physical ground).
I think within a fair balance between these two bases, most men and women are probably decent and sensible enough to be trusted with the direction of their own destinies.
Let me explain it by an example. Girls are subjected to street verbal abuse on the street which unfortunately has turned into a culture. I don’t think any government, no matter how powerful and brutal, would be able to prevent the daily abuse. Just people’s moral ground can change the scene.
By contrast, regarding natural disaster (like earth quake), there is a need for tough health and safety regulation with possible fine for deviants which is directed by government. In this case mostly physical ground can protect the society.

Sorry for writing lengthy

At Tuesday, November 01, 2005, Blogger Sahar said...

Dear Sasan,

I prefer to call "moral ground", as you mentioned in your comment, civic culture. I assume civic culture's meaning dose not limit only to participation and involvement in the society (as civic culture only refers to participation and association in its related literature which has been shaped by western countries especially UK)
In my understanding civic culture represents a cultural modernity that can build a citizen (I don’t mean a formal citizen as a person who belongs to a country). I think concept of citizenship first emphasizes on dignity, rights and obligations that a citizen has in her/his own society. So our young man in your example does not want to abuse verbally girls in street because part of obligation imposed by his dignity is respecting to others dignity.

In short, I agree with your point. I think we both are saying same concept but with different literature.

Thanks for your smart comments,

At Tuesday, November 01, 2005, Anonymous Sasan said...

Dear Sahar,

You are quite right. We may call it moral ground or civic culture, the question still remains unrequited. How we are going to teach the very basic of a modern society to the citizen. Or may be it is a wrong question after all. What was first: the chicken or the egg? Any way, thank you for providing an interactive space so I can post my comments and have them roasted. :-)Just kidding
Hope to see more of you.

At Tuesday, November 01, 2005, Blogger Sahar said...

There is a concept which is called citizenship building. It simply means how we can improve people civic culture. I really think citizenship building is the first stage to build a modern society in Iran.

By the way, I sent you an email today.


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