Monday, May 29, 2006


She was smiling at me, a little girl at Dushanbe bazaar, Tajikistan. Here women are so active in traditional market. Many of them have their own business which can be small or medium one. Tajikistan was the poorest country in Central Asia following a civil war after it became independent in 1991. During civil war and after that many of young Tajik men have immigrated to Russia just for economical reasons so many of Tajik women are handling life without having their husbands at home.Poverty is a reason why children especially young girls are working at bazaar next to their mothers.


At Tuesday, May 30, 2006, Anonymous nasrin said...

beautiful girl! I like Tajik accent very much and love them. we were both Iranian one day!

At Sunday, June 04, 2006, Blogger PersianArchitect said...

Thank, for insight information on Tajikestan. I hope I will have the chance to visit.

At Monday, June 05, 2006, Anonymous Sasan said...

A wise prince must rely on what is in his power and not on what is in the power of others. Good luck with Tajik women!

At Saturday, June 10, 2006, Anonymous raha said...

اومدم مطلب جدیدتو بخونم اما انگلیسیم اصلا خوب نیست ... واسه همین فقط می گم سلام ! چه دختر تاجیک خوشگلی !


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