Tuesday, November 14, 2006

US Sanction

I was reading an article about US sanction and Iranian air plane industry. As some of you might know one of the main sections of Iranian economy which have been damaged by US sanction is air plane industry. During last year we had several plane accidents where people killed. Although there is a debate to justify economic sanction to achieve political outcomes especially for UN: “The most comprehensive and authoritative worldwide survey of the 116 attempts to use economic sanctions for foreign policy goals between 1914 and 1990 shows successful outcomes”[1] but I strongly believe that economic sanction just protects self interest of lets say "supreme powers" such as permanent members of Security Council “The United States took a leading role in imposing about 70 percent of the sanctions during this period, acting alone in approximately one-third of the cases. Collective sanctions make up less than 12 percent of these sanctions cases; the rest were either unilateral actions or non institutional ad hoc coalitions.”[2] To me results of economic sanction is just poverty, hunger, unemployment, negative affect on the education, public health, ....

[1] G.C. Hufbauer, J.J. Schott, and K.A. Elliott, Economic Sanctions Reconsidered: History and Current Policy, 2nd ed. (Washington, DC: IIE, 1990). Chapter 5, "Conclusions and Recommendations."

[2] Hufbauer, et al., Economic Sanctions Reconsidered: History and Current Policy, Introduction. http://wwics.si.edu/subsites/ccpdc/pubs/sum/3.htm


At Wednesday, November 15, 2006, Anonymous Sasan said...

I strongly agree with the fact that most embargos are in the interest of policy makers, not the country as a whole. On the other hand, for the country under embargo, it results in poverty and then bigger social gap followed by destabilisation and so on.

Imagine there is no sanction.
Imagine all the countries can buy any aircraft they want.
Imagine there is no …

With the courtesy of late John Lennon.

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